Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an opportunity to travel around the world, there are many eco-friendly ways that nature can help inspire your trip. In fact, natural beauty is enough of a reason alone for most people who want their vacations filled with memories and inspiration! Sadly, many people who go on vacation end up damaging the environment they were trying to experience.

We all have a responsibility to protect the Earth. This is especially important when booking your next trip, as you may not know how climate change will affect future destinations! There are still a few ways you can explore and appreciate the world without harming it. Read on to discover some eco-friendly vacations you can take in the U.S.A for your next getaway!

Mackinac Island – Michigan

Eco-friendly travel doesn’t have to be difficult, but it requires changes in how you think about and approach travelling. These are limiting your reliance on emissions-heavy methods. The one Midwestern location has made this happen by law, and you have to use foot-powered wheels to travel around.

Michigan is a beautiful state. Head up to The Mitten State and take a trip by ferry to Mackinac Island. People get around by horse, bicycle or foot since cars are banned here.

There are plenty of great outdoor activities to enjoy with the whole family, such as kayaking tours around Island shores or planning an exciting ride down M-185 – which is billed as one state highway anywhere where you can travel by only bikes.

Jessica Parker, Founder of Trip Whisperer

The Florida Keys – Florida

There are some people who just can’t resist the allure of pristine beaches and glistening blue waters as their destination for the trip. Think of a perfect vacation that you’ve always dreamed about. Now, there’s the chance to enjoy it while still being environmentally conscious!

With new light being brought to these precious and diminishing coral reefs, it is hoped that they will be able to give life to the Florida Keys. With new companies popping up every day, there’s no shortage of opportunities when you’re looking into eco-friendly practices in this area!

Visitors to the continental U.S.’s premier winter warm-weather destination can enjoy dining, dolphin watching, and world-class snorkelling opportunities with environmental peace of mind.

Adam Marland, Travel Photographer and Writer

Greater World Earthship Community – Taos, New Mexico

Some communities are taking the lead on sustainable lifestyles. One location that draws in travellers looking to learn more is making a difference by implementing changes necessary for the protection of planet Earth.

The Greater World Earthship Community is a thriving, eco-friendly community in the high mountain desert of Taos, New Mexico. Its residents welcome tourists to share architect Michael Reynolds’s creativity and colourful innovations.

This eco-friendly pioneer started conceptualizing the Earthship in the early 70’s. It is a sustainable home that is fully self sufficient. With today’s modern technology, we can build structures that run off natural energy, produce food, harvest water, and treat waste. The visitor center is a great place to get information about the area or book one of their futuristic rentals.

Abigail Nueve, Editor for Travel Lemming

Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa are nearby green attractions if you are interested in visiting.

The Ted Turner Reserves – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

The tendency for eco-tourism is still spreading, but some destinations have been focusing on preservation and restoration from the get-go. In a few cases, it’s not just the work of the National Park Service that you can see in those places but there is a lot more for you to enjoy.

When you go on a trip to The Ted Turner Reserves, it will be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Ted’s two large private ranches, together encompassing 500,000 acres are near the Truth or Consequences which can be explored when you stay at one of Ted’s three largest ranches known as Armendaris, Ladder or Sierra Grande.

Rose O’Connor – Sustainable Travel Advisor

Ted’s decades-long commitment to rewinding and ecosystem restoration has created one of the most beautiful landscapes in the USA. Private guides are invaluable when it comes to seeing wildlife in their natural habitats. Some of the animals you can explore with a private guide include herds of elk, roaming bison, and pronghorn! The Ted Turner Endangered Species Fund has helped bring many species that were extinct in this area back from the brink of extinction. This includes bighorn sheep, Bolson tortoise and Mexican grey wolf! Their return has had a dramatic regenerative effect and the land there is amongst some of the most ecologically healthy in the country!

The destination provides a trip into the wild where you can enjoy nature without any distractions. Exploring Ladder and Armendaris ranches will make your visit feel like being in an authentic national park with all of its tranquillity.

Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa – Buena Vista, Colorado

If you want a true escape from technology, head out into nature and disconnect. Your eco-friendly vacation should be spent in places that rely on sustainable energy sources for their operation – it’ll help keep our planet green while giving you some much-needed relaxation!

Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn and Spa is a soul-enriching escape in the shadows of 14,000-foot Colorado peaks. There are few cellular service options here so you’ll have plenty for your peace to do with no distractions from outside noises or technology like TV or Wi-Fi. Instead of relying on electronics, you can go hiking, stargazing and soaking in the gravity-fed hot spring pool for entertainment.


The resort is committed to sustainable practices and renewable sources, including solar and wind. The resort’s commitment to nature doesn’t end with them, though: Other local businesses also maintain sustainable energy practices as well. For example, Wilderness Aware Rafting offers summer tours. Winter is the perfect time to visit nearby Monarch Mountain, which draws ecotourists with its 100% all-natural snow.

Austin, Texas

Fortunately, there are plenty of environmentally sound options for visitors looking to minimize their footprint in the U.S., even if you’re visiting one of those fastest-growing cities for an eco-friendly vacation!

Austin, Texas is a hub for many different types of culture and entertainment. From live music performances to BBQ, there’s no shortage of terms or what you can expect when visiting this gorgeous little town! This expanding city offers many opportunities to new residents and tourists alike. There are more than 200 parks, 26 greenbelts and 12 preserves for environmental protection initiatives; not mention hotels that go above and beyond in their efforts towards sustainability!

Jenny Ly, Travel Blogger and Founder of Go Wanderly