The misconceptions about cruising are endless, and most of them are spread out by the people who have never tried it. Booking a vacation at sea has become more popular because many people have realised positive aspects of why you should try an all inclusive journey on cruise. Here are 10 reasons to spend your next vacation on a cruise at sea.

Unpack Once

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place where you could visit as many places in one vacation? You wouldn’t have to pack and unpack, or catch different flights every day between your destinations. You’ll be visiting a variety of countries and continents on your trip through the Panama Canal while your luggage will remain in your cabin and no need of packing or unpacking.

No Jet Lag

Imagine a world where you can travel across the Pacific to Japan or Atlantic to England without experiencing jet lag. During a transoceanic cruise, the time zone changes are gradual and don’t require as many hours of sleep lost due to long flights! When you board the ship, it’s up to your individual preferences as far as how relaxing or exciting they want their journey. Once reaching land-fall there is plenty of energy left over from all that fun!

Cost Savings

When you look at the cost of cruising per day, it is easy to see that there are many options available for savings. In addition to the many hours of fun, meals, entertainment, housekeeping and relaxation on your cruise there’s also room for exploring ports when you get hungry or want some time by yourself. You can find savings on last-minute bookings through cruise line websites!

Preview Destinations

A lot of people have a destination in mind but they’re not comfortable with spending their entire budget and hard-earned vacation days on one place. Cruising offers you the opportunity to explore new cultures and flavors of the city or country, all while taking away some stress from your routine. If you’re feeling uncertain about where to spend your time and money, then take advantage of the several ports offered on this itinerary. You’ll be able get a good idea which port would best suit your interests for future visits!


The entertainment offered on board a cruise ship can be as diverse and interesting for passengers of all ages. Some ships offer Broadway-style shows, while others might present music tailored to the culture found in each port they visit! Each cruise offer a variety of options for entertainment such as lounges featuring live bands, game shows, chamber music, dance troupes, comedians, and movies.

Dining Options

The best way to enjoy a cruise is with great food and drink. One of the most famous things about them are their buffets, which offer something for everyone! The buffet on most ships is a great place to grab some food when you’re in need of something quickly, but that is not all they have to offer. You can also enjoy an elegant sit-down meal with impeccable service in full luxury.

Port Excursions

While visiting a strange land, you can take an optional port excursion. It’s your choice and many ports allow exploring on foot. If there is ship-sponsored adventure available then research it before hand so that everything runs smoothly! You can choose from many options when it comes to physical ability, such as glacier hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. There is also bus tours for those who would like to go a little far from port for sightseeing and more restful experience.

Get Schooled

The opportunities for education on a cruise ship are vast. Most lines offer informative seminars about scheduled ports and regions. For example you will learn how to use chopsticks or the cultural importance of making tea on your way to Japan. Some of the most popular offerings at this event include cooking classes and wine tasting. Some participants can even take advantage of many topics offered including computer photography or language lessons.

Multi-Generational Options

The cruise industry is one that strives to make traveling as enjoyable and carefree for children of all ages. Most lines offer special programs to keep kids engaged. You will be able to show them other cultures that are unfamiliar which will make for lifetime memories while having time for themselves. Grandparents who are traveling with their grandchildren might enjoy the comfort and privacy of a cabin while sharing time together on board. Most ships have a designated venue which offers an opportunity for kids to make new friends, explore different activities!

Stress-Free Fun

Vacations should offer a chance to take care of yourself and enjoy life. Some people like going mountain climbing, while others would rather just kick back with their toes in the sand beneath them and watch the sea. A cruise can be as relaxed or adventurous you make it. The chance to socialize and meet new friends is always an option but not necessarily required for everyone’s enjoyment on board! If dining at a table with just one other person sounds like your idea of fun then go ahead, otherwise solo travelers will have plenty options available too.

The list of reasons to choose a cruise is endless. With so many options, you will find your own personal reasons to set sail on vacation.