Winter vacation is all about having fun in different ways. For some people, it means going on a warm-weather vacation which includes a resort, a beach and relaxing with fruity drinks while others might spend their vacation enjoying winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding etc.

Russia’s ongoing aggression in Europe has caused many people to rethink their vacation plans. With inflation on the rise and lingering uncertainty, some travellers might want to avoid flying as far into Europe until things calm down over there! Here’s why Canada might be the perfect destination for you this winter!

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in North America, and it’s also very popular with travellers. In fact, there are three reasons why you should consider visiting Canada during winter:

  • No More Pandemic Area Entry Restrictions
  • European Style Winter Wonderlands
  • Easy Connectivity with the US

No More Pandemic-Era Entry Restrictions

International travellers now have easier access to Canada than ever before. The country officially lifted all of its remaining COVID-19 restrictions and requirements on October 1, which means that people from around the world can enter with less difficulty for either airport gateways or land borders!

Travellers no longer have to wear masks in public transportation, including trains and aeroplanes. This makes it easier than ever before for people travelling into Canada just like before the pandemic!

Winter Fun Galore and Holiday Perfect World Heritage Sites

Canada is a huge country with an incredible array of destinations to enjoy your vacation.

If you are looking for a winter vacation destination that offers snowshoeing, skiing or hiking then consider visiting Jasper National Park which has breathtaking scenery and wildlife galore. Banff National Park is another great choice with its towering white mountains! The beauty of this location will leave your heart full.
The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is not just for those who can afford it, but even luxury travellers can enjoy this trip to Canada!

Winter is a great time to escape the cold and enjoy some winter wonderland. The holiday lights of big cities like Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver will make your trip that much more wonderful!

Pro Tip: Rent a car so you can explore some of the nearby parks.

With an average temperature range from 44-37 degrees throughout December, Vancouver offers a very different climate than much of the rest of Canada. In fact, it’s not uncommon for there to be rain instead snow!

The list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada is a long one! You’ll find protected natural areas like The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, to cultural sites such as Old Quebec. Canada has done an incredible job preserving its sites for both residents and visitors.

French Canada is Closer to Home than Europe

Imagine a world where you could escape from life’s stresses and enjoy a winter wonderland. From Québec to Montreal, French Canada offers a magical winter holiday destination that seems straight out of an unforgettable storybook.

The destination has an Old World charm that will leave you with a decidedly European feel. The architecture is beautifully preserved, with French as the major language and winter’s holiday atmosphere celebrating in all its glory!

Quebec has so much to offer, from the cobblestone streets and centuries-old buildings in Old Quebec Village. You can visit this area during Christmas time for an extra special experience with all of its lights shining brightly! The buildings, with their French style and decorated in warm colours of red ribbons are absolutely charming. A perfect winter holiday destination.