The world is a big place, with many different destinations to choose from. With the cost of living crisis making it difficult for people who want travel overseas. The money-saving experts at StudentUniverse have got just what your heart desires. From exciting cities with plenty of things to do or visit within your budget. Here are just some places that may be worth considering if you’re looking into where your money could go further:

01. Argentina: For Warm Weather & Wildflowers

The Argentine peso has dropped in value against the British pound. This means that while prices are still low for UK travellers, a beer will cost you around £1.70 and coffee will cost around £1.60. Meals do not come much cheaper though; expect around £6 on average when eating out at an inexpensive restaurant.

Autumn in Europe is a perfect time to visit Argentina which welcomes spring during that time period. The climate of the southern hemisphere’s Buenos Aires and Patagonia make it an ideal destination for travelers looking forward to seeing colorful wildflowers burst into bloom, while temperatures hover around 18°C or 28°C.

02. Japan: For Low Prices in an Expensive Destination

On 11 October, Japan finally lifted pandemic-related border controls to allow visa-free travel for dozens of countries. You do not need a group or have your visit approved by the government before arriving in Japan!

The Japanese yen has weakened against the dollar, making it a great time for UK citizens who want to visit Japan. The country is typically expensive but since pound is strong against yen, this means Brits still have spending power in Japan!

03. Sri Lanka: For Cheap Drink & Food

The Sri Lankan economy has been in a downturn for years now, but this might be the perfect time to support the country’s tourism industry.

The prices of accommodation in Sri Lanka are much cheaper there compared with what they would be back home in the UK. You can expect an average three-course meal for 2 people costing just around £10 and you can get a beer in as little as £1.

04. Thailand: For Low-Cost Accommodation

Thailand is a country in South East Asia that has always been popular with backpackers and offers luxury on a low budget. The Thai currency may be strong against the UK pound, but it’s still very affordable for any traveller looking to take a vacation abroad this summer!

Living in Thailand is an affordable and tasty adventure! You can find hostels with a shared hostel dorm for less than £7/night and five-star hotels in Bangkok start at just around 25 pounds/night. You can eat for less than a pound in the local food court and enjoy some great international cuisine! There are plenty of restaurants where you’ll be able to spend under £5 to eat restaurant-quality meals.

05. Turkey: For one of the Cheapest Destinations in Europe

The Pound has been on a relentless rise against the Turkish Lira, meaning you’ll get more than double this year what might have been possible in 2019. This makes Turkey one of Europe’s cheapest destinations right now!

Hot, sunny weather is usual in October and it’s the perfect time to enjoy some winter sun with an average temperature between 18°C & 25°C.