If a dreamy vacation is on your 2021 bucket list, then you have come to the right place! Picture yourself exploring iconic landmarks and hidden gems as you jet-set around, it’s possible with just some careful planning. To make sure this journey will be worth all of your time and money invested, pick the top trending travel destinations that cater to personal interests for an experience like no other! With the amazing new Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Destination Awards, Tripadvisor is making it easier than ever to narrow down your travel list and make sure you’re getting an incredible experience.

Tripadvisor’s list of winners is based on the feedback from millions of real travellers around the world who have documented their adventures and experiences – creating a wholly genuine collection of recommendations for everyone to explore!

After a year of lockdown, travel is once again on the rise in 2022. Popular cities like Paris and London are seeing an influx of visitors while lesser-known gems such as Alaska and Cuba remain top destinations for those seeking new experiences.

Sarah Firshein – Head of Editorial at Tripadvisor

With so many places to explore, it can be hard to decide where your next journey should take you. TripAdvisor has identified 2023’s top trending travel destinations that have seen a huge spike in interest!

Top Trending Travel Destination of 2023

Cuba, Caribbean

U.S. travellers need to exercise a bit of extra planning before visiting Cuba, but it’s well worth the effort! Cuba, Havana offers an incredible mix where history meets modernity; old-world architecture mixed with vibrant culture makes this island paradise so special and unique.

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Step outside the hustle and bustle of the capital city to explore colonial Cuba! Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an array of Spanish-style buildings, is just waiting for your discovery. It is also the gateway to discovering history at its most authentic in The Valley Of Sugar Mills.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a bustling coastal Vietnamese city, steeped in centuries of history. Once an important trading post between East and West from the 15th century to the 19th century, Hoi An continues to be a popular destination for travellers from around the world. In recent years it has become increasingly well-known due to its remarkable preservation.

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On the 14th day of each lunar cycle, local artisans light up the town with traditional coloured lanterns illuminating classic attractions like the Japanese Covered Bridge and Quan Cong Temple. Make sure to visit its expert tailors for some custom-made clothing that’ll make your trip even more memorable.

Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius is a true gem in the African continent. This vibrant island is rich with culture, idyllic beaches and a lot of other things to do that will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into paradise! The modern capital of Mauritius – Port Louis boasts revitalized waterfronts as well as bustling markets making it an absolute must-visit destination.

Mauritius offers a variety of beach experiences for every type of traveller. From the vibrant atmosphere at Flic en Flac popular with scuba divers, to Mont Choisy’s resort getaways and Trou-aux-Biches’ peacefulness – there is something here for everyone! Rivière Noire should not be overlooked by avid fishermen looking to catch some deep sea ocean treasures.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

At dawn, Angkor Wat awakens to a sublime light – the ruins and grand temples become alive with stories of royal pasts. This majestic complex is one of the greatest religious sites in existence today; it’s no wonder why Siem Reap sunrises are so profound!

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Siem Reap is a city full of wonder, with the mysterious and captivating 12th-century Angkor Thom royal city at its centre. Take some time to explore Cambodian history at the Cambodian Cultural Village or find great bargains while strolling through Angkor Night Market – an array of shopping stalls, street food vendors, and lively bars!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

With temple ruins, breathtaking hillside views and endless exploring opportunities, Chiang Mai’s city centre is the perfect destination for a memorable vacation. For those looking to add some energy to their trip can ascend 300 steps up Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, an extraordinary Buddhist temple!

For a genuine Thai experience, head to the bustling Night Bazaar and use your bargaining skills to pick up souvenirs. Disappear into Thailand’s culture further at the Botanic Garden where you can admire local blooms such as fragrant orchids while taking in unique sights of centuries-old flora.

Grand Cayman, Caribbean

Grand Cayman, the largest of all three beautiful Caribbean Islands in the Cayman region, is a perfect spot to take life down a notch and relax. From leisurely lounging on Seven Mile Beach or any other tranquil sandy area to getting up close with stingrays at Stingray City sandbar – Grand Cayman offers something for everyone!

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Grand Cayman is filled with incredible sights to see from starfish and turtles to awe-inspiring caves filled with stalactites. For those looking for a more urban experience, the lively George Town awaits – offering up shopping havens as well as beach bars and restaurants such as Rum Point for all your dining needs!

Fes, Morocco

Step back in time and experience a piece of true cultural heritage. Found within the ancient walls of Fes el Bali, lies one of the world’s oldest universities, the University of Al-Karaouine! A UNESCO World Heritage Site that has stood for over 1,200 years, it offers an unforgettable journey into history.

Discover an exotic labyrinth of twisting alleys and grand gates when you step into the Medina in Fes el-Bali. Marvel at traditional Moroccan tile work and the four Gates of Fes, then prepare to experience a thrilling ride as you bravely climb aboard one of those daring taxis!

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku’s captivating historic centre holds the secrets of its checkered story, from being a thriving trading hub on the Silk Road to flourishing as an oil-rich metropolis during booming times and finally settling into life under Soviet rule. Discover a winding network of narrow pathways, grand mosques and remarkable architecture in the old city.

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Take your time to admire beautiful sights like The Palace of the Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower, now listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites! From ancient ruins to innovative businesses, this city is a thriving hub of culture and commerce. Feel the pulse of past and present at its many art and cultural activities along with restaurants, theatres, and more!

Kathmandu, Nepal

Immerse yourself in the bustling classicism of Kathmandu, and explore its vibrant blend of history and culture. Take a stroll around Durbar Square to rub shoulders with locals, mountain trekkers or animals while admiring ancient temples and shrines. Head into Thamel District for an abundance of shops filled with beautiful hand-crafted carpets and paper prints!

Krakow, Poland

Krakow, the beautiful Polish city atop UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list, is a wellspring of ancient architecture and tantalizing cuisine. From Wawel Castle to St Mary’s Church, you can explore centuries-old monuments while taking advantage of Krakow’s celebrated gastronomic offerings in its iconic Kazimierz district.

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Krakow was anointed the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture in 2019 by the esteemed European Academy of Gastronomy. This vibrant city is pulsing with life, bubbling over with nearly 100 festivals and international events throughout each year’s calendar. It truly encapsulates cultural abundance!