Oslo is one of Europe’s most exciting cities, with its ongoing waterfront regeneration project putting it at the epicenter and has become attraction for tourists. The Munch Museum and National Gallery have only been open since last year but they’re already making Oslo an attractive destination on art tourism map!

The hotel scene in Oslo has been undergoing few changes for many years. But the last few months have seen impressive new hotels and renovations providing more options to curious travelers who want something different from their typical experience abroad.

With three new hotels opening their doors this summer, it is curious that all of them are outside Oslo city center. These openings will allow visitors more access than ever before into the beautiful sights and traditions found within these neighborhoods.


Sommerro has quickly become one of Norway’s most coveted hotels. With its 1930s building and central location just west near downtown core make it perfect for those who want to be close but not too far from all that’s happening in town!

The 231 rooms of the hotel are filled with Alice Lund and Adam Greco’s thirties-inspired design, which has been threaded throughout.

Picture Credit: https://www.sommerrohouse.com/en/

Oslo has a variety of dining options to suit every taste, including the all-day bar and brasserie Ekspedisjonshallen or Swedish chef Frida Ronge’s Japanese inspired cuisine at Tak Oslo. This is city’s only rooftop restaurant.

The new 15,000 square feet fitness and wellness center will be open by November 2022. It’s located in what was once Oslo City Baths but has since been revitalized into a luxurious hotel with spa treatment rooms for fall visitors to enjoy!

Radisson RED Oslo Økern

In an effort to be both sustainable and attractive, The new Radisson Red Økern Hotel is not only holistic, but also packaged with a sense of youthfulness and playfulness. It has a bright red exterior with their own unique red tiger sculpture outside.

Picture Credit: https://www.forbes.com/

The hotel is located in Økern Portal, a new business park that focuses on sustainability. The location allows guests easy access to Oslo’s downtown area as well but it can also be accessed by public transportation! A rooftop restaurant offers impressive views across the entire city from here.

In the latest rooms of this hotel, you will find high-tech controls for lighting and climate.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel

When it comes to scenic views, there is no better place in Oslo than Scandic Holmenkollen Park. The hotel has 128 years worth of history and after a 15-month renovation they’re back open with an even more beautiful view than before!

Scandic Holmenkollen Park is a modern, luxurious hotel that has been carefully designed to preserve as many original features of the building. There are now 376 rooms spread over 10 buildings in this vast property and 27 of them can be found within Hotel’s eye-catching main structure!