Merge a happy holiday with a new place to visit!

The holidays are almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about where you want to spend your special international trip. Maybe knowing what other travellers plan on doing will help.

According to the travel insurance company, VisitorsCoverage’s data collection has revealed the top international destinations that Americans are most looking forward to visiting this November and December. What is your favourite destination on their list?

1. Israel

The top destination for travellers is Israel, where 9.7% of all visitors are heading to experience archaeological sites, the beaches, Old City Jerusalem and the beautiful sites that this country has to offer! If you are on your way to Israel, make sure not to miss out on the spectacular sunset view.

2. Spain

With 8.6% of American travellers choosing Spain as their holiday destination. This country offers some amazing sightseeing opportunities such as famous architecture, amazing beaches and culinary joys like paella and tapas!

3. Canada

Canada is in 3rd place with 6.5% of travellers without any need of requiring a flight which makes it easier to reach. It is a friendly neighbour to the north and has ice hotels, hockey games and great visibility of the Northern Lights.

4. Italy and Colombia

Colombia and Italy were tied for fourth place with 5.4%. Colombia offers wonderful dancing culture, great dining along with the chance to see how coffee is made. You can enjoy an incredible vineyard tour of one birthplace Of food most Americans absolutely adore in Italy!

If you want to stay in the U.S., maybe travel around America and experience some of its most famous landmarks like the World’s largest Christmas light maze in Washington DC and Las Vegas. The most overlooked place to light the menorah is undoubtedly a more underrated destination. Whether you go somewhere different or stay in one spot, there will be new things for everyone to see while they’re basking in its glow!