Imagine the feeling of winding your way down a mountainside, taking tight turns and steep descents. This is what it’s like to drive on Route 66 in America or along South Africa’s Garden route where you can enjoy breathtaking views while traveling at high speeds!

A spokesperson from said: “Driving whilst on holiday in another country is a great way to get into another culture because it allows you to be fully independent. You have the freedom to go where you like and explore your surroundings a bit more and it’ll probably be cheaper than booking a taxi each day to get you around your destination. We’ve picked out some of the best places for driving whilst on holiday so you don’t have to.”

 Here are’s best driving holidays in the world:

1. Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is one of those places that you just can’t miss when traveling to Australia. With its beautiful views and serene stretches, this 150 mile drive along the coast will leave your heart full as well as all other kinds!

2.  Rocky Mountains, Canada

On your journey between Calgary and Vancouver, you’ll experience beautiful views of glaciers. You might even see some waterfalls or mountains on the way! The driving route is an amazing opportunity for visitors who want to visit attractions like Valley Of The Ten Peaks & Wells Gray Provincial Park- it’s not every day that one has access to these places without having travel plans ahead so make sure not to miss this chance by taking advantage with our service here at Travelers Car Services Ltd., book now before there are no more spaces left!!

3.  The Trasfagarasan Highway, Romania

The journey to this remote mountain pass takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Europe. The road winds its way up steep mountains, with views along route that are worth every breath taken! If it’s open during your trip there are vendors selling homemade cheese at roadside stands just off-kilter – don’t miss out on these treats while they’re still available because once winter sets upon us everything changes quickly up here.

4. Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

Motorbikes are the most popular form of transportation in Vietnam, but cars can be found if you look hard enough. The ‘Sea Of Clouds’- 500 meters above sea level and joining cities like Lang Co north with Da Nang south – has hairpin turns that challenge even experienced drivers because there is so much greenery around for reference points while going up steep inclines showcasing amazing views at every turn showing how beautiful this country really is!

5. Route 66, America

Route 66 is one of the most famous roads in America, stretching nearly 2500 miles long. The route gives you a chance to visit seven out of 50 states and several well-known landmarks such as casinos near Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon with just a short but very worthwhile detour when traveling between the Chicago area on a northward journey ending up back home again after passing through Arizona State University’s campus zone where students can find plenty opportunities for camping right next their school grounds!

6. Great Dolomite Road, Italy

The long route through the Dolomites allows you to explore a UNESCO-listed mountain range. This 2,239-meter high pass takes visitors between Bolzano and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy where they can enjoy views of Lake Carezza or Andraz Castle at different times during their trip depending on when it snows fall down seasonally! The 86 miles long road makes for an unforgettable journey across a dramatic landscape filled with small villages packed full of traditional food that is never too far away from any point along its length–even though most travelers will only have access until about halfway up before turning back due fears related specifically around wintertime.

7. The Garden Route, South Africa

George is the gateway to many things, including some of South Africa’s most famous destinations. The lush green city at its feet offers an array of activities for visitors–whether they want adrenaline-filled bungee jumping or picturesque beaches with whale watching opportunities along them!

8. Buttertubs Pass, Great Britain

Jeremy Clarkson, a well-known TV personality from England’s Got Talent and former Top Gear host describes the country’s only truly spectacular road as “a short but sweet journey.” The five-mile-long route allows you to test your driving skills with steep climbs and fast descents in order for an enjoyable experience. This is not all though; when reaching Hawes village after traveling through such beautiful scenery along thin Yorkshire roads it feels like there are still more things waiting around every corner!

9. The Ring Road, Iceland

The Ring Road is an essential part of traveling around Iceland and can be started or ended in Reykjavik. This allows you to enjoy the natural beauty along this 828-mile long ring road, such as The Blue Lagoon which has become one of its most popular tourist attractions due to its amazing geothermal pools that span two million years! It’s best to travel between May – October when there are less dangerous roads but even then make sure not to travel too late.

10.  Ruta de la Plata, Spain

You can save money on flights and enjoy a unique driving experience by using this route between Gijón in Spain, where you will be able to see some UNESCO heritage sites such as Salamanca before arriving at your destination. You might even make it all the way through without having any problems!