The tourists are often targets for pickpockets. The new research has named the worst places to travel and several of these happen in Spain or France!

Worst holiday spots for pickpockets
  1. Las Ramblas, Barcelona
  2. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  3. Trevi Fountain, Rome
  4. Charles Bridge, Prague
  5. Sacre-Coeur, Paris
  6. Colosseum, Rome
  7. Old Town Square, Prague
  8. Louvre, Paris
  9. Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris
  10. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Walking on the Ramblas of Barcelona
Walking on the Ramblas of Barcelona – pickpocket hotspot
Trevi fountain (Fontana di Trevi). Rome, Italy
Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi). Rome, Italy- pickpocket hotspot
Charles Bridge in Prague
Prague’s Charles Bridge is one of the worst spots for pickpockets

The Spanish city of Barcelona has been ranked as the pickpocket capital for tourists in Europe.

A recent study by found that Las Ramblas, a famous pedestrianized street there and home to many popular stores like Prada or Gucci was absolutely crawling with criminals trying their luck at stealing from you while walking down this road!

The world-famous ‘pickpocket’ street has 3,200 reviews on Tripadvisor and they all say the same thing: be careful!

One reviewer said: “If you’re on holiday don’t bother going near it as it’s an unnerving experience.”

There have been many cases of pickpockets in Barcelona, so tourists should take precautions by leaving valuables at their hotel or wearing a flat money belt underneath clothing.