In a world that is increasingly connected, it’s encouraging to see South Africa take the lead as an industry leader in tourism recovery efforts. The country has seen strong growth from various markets such as China and India following restrictions on international travel due to pandemic concerns – but now they’re reaping rewards with their top source of overseas visitors coming from America!

Group of wild elephants in South Africa

The United States is steadily becoming the top country for tourists to visit, with a 14% increase in arrivals over last year. This tops England which has held this spot since 1994 and shows how America’s growth as both an economy and culture is driving more people away from their home countries every day.

The US market’s outstanding performance owes a lot to both United Airlines and Delta Air Lines who continue service into the destination during the November-December rise of the Omicron variant. This despite South Africa being placed on many nations’ red lists alongside other Southern African countries, which saw an increase in visitor numbers since pre-pandemic levels up until R31 100 from 22 900 last year – thanks largely due (though not exclusively)to leisure tourists spending more time here than they did before while shopping also had its contributions making this country one worth visiting even if you’re only passing through!

“This report indicates that our diligent marketing and promotional efforts for South Africa are paying off,” said Jerry Mpufane, President South African Tourism North America Hub.

“South Africa remains a bucket list destination and as a result, continues to win coveted travel and hospitality accolades, which go a long way in establishing confidence in what we have to offer. When you couple that with increased connectivity provided by our airline partners at United and Delta and the consistent energy and enthusiasm for the destination shown by US travel advisors and tour operators, the future looks bright as we continue our recovery efforts.”

“The end of COVID-19 restrictions means visitors can once again come into South Africa without worrying about getting sick. All that’s left are open spaces and loved events for us all to enjoy!”

What’s not to love about South Africa? This bucket list destination offers a wide variety of experiences, including exclusive game reserves and affordable-luxury accommodations. The country is rich in culture with its history coming straight from the stone ages! There are also plenty more things for you outdoorsmen out there who want an adventure on your plate every day–from hiking trails along stunning coastlines or exploring deep into Kruger National Park where native wildlife roam free just waiting patiently until they get feeding time.

This beautiful land has so much going great it’ll leave any tourist bursting at their seams with excitement.