The past year has been an exceptional one for the Mexican Caribbean, with Cancun International Airport recording more travellers than ever before, a clear indication of its incredible reputation as one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Mexico’s Caribbean coast is alive with tourists as travellers flock to its paradisaical beaches. While Cancun may be the most popular, other gems such as Costa Mujeres are shining brightly too – previously lesser-known towns of the region have experienced a resurgence in tourism since global travel resumed.

Costa Mujeres is one of the popular destinations among travellers, and its accommodation has responded in kind by expanding the total number of rooms available by almost 10% over the past year. From majestic beaches to ancient ruins, Costa Mujeres has become a traveller’s paradise. As more adventurers flock to the region for its breathtaking beauty and unique offerings, explore how it plans on managing this increased tourism.

Costa Mujeres

Costa Mujeres has been rising in popularity, with its hospitality offerings significantly increasing over the past year. From a humble 8,000 rooms at the start of 2022 to an impressive 8,700 by end-year – it is no wonder why this Mexican haven is quickly becoming one of the travellers’ top choices for vacations! Its popularity has been steadily increasing, with occupancy rates of 81% year-round and a whopping 85% peak in December. There’s no indication this trend will be slowing anytime soon!


Experience the beauty of Costa Mujeres, conveniently located just 18km from bustling Cancun’s hotel zone and less than an hour’s drive from the airport. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of big-city life, Costa Mujeres is your ideal destination. Immerse yourself in its picturesque beaches with far fewer people than in Cancún while discovering everything this paradise has to offer – whether it’s just one day or an extended stay.


Sports enthusiasts will find the perfect destination at Playa Mujeres Golf Club, a stunning 18-hole course situated along an idyllic beachfront. This beautiful landscape incorporates local mangrove forests and other natural elements for a truly unforgettable experience. If you’re a fan of tennis, the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre is world-renowned and perfect for getting your swing back in order! For those seeking water-based excitement, Mallorca’s coastal area provides plenty of thrilling activities to explore.


Costa Mujeres is the perfect getaway for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Not only does it have plenty of vibrant nightlife, but its beautiful white sand beaches provide an ideal backdrop for relaxation. With the mainland’s bountiful beach options, Isla Mujeres offers an escape all its own. Playa Norte, with stunning waters and white sand beaches stretching on for days, is often ranked among some of the best in the world!

Art and Culture

Costa Mujeres is a paradise for those seeking something new and exciting on vacation. With its Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) at the seabed, travellers have an incredible chance to explore some remarkable art as good dive into this beautiful region of Isla Mujeres. Submerge yourself in a surreal world of underwater art with snorkelling or glass-bottom boat tours. This experience will leave you amazement and wonder, making it the perfect highlight for your vacation! So if you’re looking to mix up your usual routine with culture and adventure, Costa Mujeres should be top of your list!

Food & Clothing

When visiting this destination, foodies will delight in the sumptuous flavors of authentic cuisine at affordable prices. Meanwhile, locals markets offer an exceptional range of trinkets and clothing items crafted by talented artisans – perfect for choosing a memorable souvenir to bring home with you!

Costa Mujeres has won over countless hearts due to its atmosphere. Here, visitors can experience an authentic charm without a touristy feel, a perfect mixture of the local and exotic! From the narrow alleyways to hearty meals and lively markets, this city has something special for explorers seeking an authentic experience. Its people are sure to offer a warm welcome that you won’t soon forget!

As this popular destination expands, it has a delicate balancing act to maintain its appeal. We’re confident that the city will retain its unique charm for years to come!