While travelling to Chopta, you must make sure that your bucket list includes a visit to these 4 places. There are so many things for tourists to get excited about.

Chopta is one of the natural beauties that can’t be found anywhere else! With lush green meadows, picturesque lakes and waterfalls- these places offer a peaceful retreat for those seeking solace from their hectic lives while spotting nature.

Chopta in Uttarakhand is a hidden treasure trove of beauty that needs to be explored. The snow-capped mountains and tranquil gorges will provide you with an invigorating retreat from your busy life, while also offering stunning views! Chopta is a place that will give you peace, nature and adventure. With its wildlife collection for those who love it to bits or just want an escape from life in the city; which leads up to breathtaking views of mountains at every turn-and camping sites.

There is so much for everyone to enjoy in Chopta. As you make your way through the list, be sure not to miss any of the following places!

Tungnath Peak

The Tungnath stands at an altitude of 2700 meters This spot is located deep in the Himalayan Range with its back to a dense forest that consists of different types of trees including oaks, deodars, and rhododendrons. Tungnath peak is a 3.5 km trail with sheer climbs and sharp turns which leads to Tungnath Temple with years of history. Once there you can watch both the Mandakini river valley and the Alakananda river.

Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary

Situated 7kms away from Chopta, this rare Himalayan species are distributed throughout this sanctuary and can be seen in its natural habitat. There is 5 square kilometres worth of beautiful landscape for you to enjoy with multiple activities that offer close encounters from all angles. There is plenty for the wildlife lover including sporadic floras and a beautiful collection of beautiful musk deers.


Ukhimath, the Winter Seat of Kedarnath is a small town that sits about 28 kilometres away from Chopta. A trip here will bring you closer to nature than ever before as well as plenty of things to see.

Madhameshwar Mela is a festival that celebrates the rich culture and vitality of this place. It has various activities including folklore, songs & dances which you can explore at your leisure with friends or family members who are visiting from faraway lands!

Deori Tal

On the Ukhimath, if you are looking for a tourist spot for sightseeing, Deori Tal is the perfect destination quite nearby to the Sari village. Enveloped by lush greenery and tranquil surroundings this holy site offers an appealing view that will soothe your eyes as well as cleanse away any stress or anxiety from daily life!

The lake at the inner of Chaukhamba peak is a place where you can enjoy beautiful views and captivating nature. Yellow Tooth, Neelkantha, Kedar peaks and bird watching become easy in this preserved environment for people who come here with their binoculars or simply just on foot!

Chopta is a charming place in Himachal Pradesh which is wrapped with beautiful spots that make it worth the journey. If you’re looking to go on an adventure-filled trip but don’t know where your next destination should be then head over here.