From honeymoons to family getaways, luxury vacations are all the rage as travellers turn to sites like Airbnb for private and extravagant getaways. The luxury tourism market has been growing in recent years, with people not only wanting to travel but also looking on booking homes that offer luxury amenities such as pools or gyms.

With the number of luxurious destinations continuing to grow, it is not surprising that this industry will experience robust growth rates. A recent report from Global Market Insights found that the luxury tourism market size exceeded USD 17 Billion in 2021! Furthermore, their estimates show a 15% annual increase for 2022-2030 which means there’s plenty more money heading your way.

With the recent pandemic and the extension of existing illnesses, many people have not been able to go on vacation. A poll conducted in the summer of 2022 found that 32% of Americans have not reconnected with their family for 4 years now! Additionally, one survey showed 1 out of 6 people had never left their home state.

For many parents, travel is a luxury they can’t afford. Four in 10 would trade their child’s seat for first class if there were an opportunity! However with the recent pandemic and increased prices on flights due to safety regulations; 54% of people plan ahead by spending more than usual when going away

Luxury properties are popping up left and right. But where should you go if looking for the most luxurious vacation possible with plenty of privacy? Here we have compared them based on their best luxury Airbnb experiences available at these locations. From the list of luxurious Airbnb destinations, here are 10 that you should add to your bucket list!

1. St. Barth’s

In the Caribbean, when it comes to luxury Airbnb’s; St. Barth’s takes the top spot for Best Place to Stay on Your Next Vacation in 2023, based on an average cost per night and percentage accommodations with amenities like hot tubs, private pools, beachfront locations and gyms!

St. Barth’s is an exclusive location with a small number of visitors compared to other destinations, but there are plenty of luxury Airbnb accommodations available per visitor number!

2. Belize (San Pedro Town)

The second-place finish of Belize is a true reflection of how affordable and beautiful this country can be. Airbnb guests would only need to spend $983 for an unforgettable stay in paradise! Every guest can rest assured that they’re getting an amazing view.

Luxe Airbnbs in San Pedro have a reputation for being some of the most luxurious properties on Earth, but it could be said that Belizeans people do not believe that anyone should be spending their time working out while leaving an incredible view. So there is no gym in any of the luxe Airbnb’s.

Top 10 Worldwide Locations for a Luxury Airbnb Experience

RankLocationNo. of Lux Airbnb’s/10K VisitorsAverage Cost of Stay per Night% With Pool% With Hot Tub% With Gym% That is Beachfront
1St Barths2,202$2,80974101612
7St Lucia24$2,21810003813
9Costa Rica98$2,61492272027

Looking for Luxury on a Budget?

Croatia, Indonesia and Belize are the least expensive locations travellers can visit for a luxurious time without breaking their bank accounts.

If you’re looking for a luxury getaway with friends or family or looking for the perfect place for a destination wedding then with its stunning scenery, Canada is a top choice for Airbnb hosts who want to offer their guests the best experience possible. From luxury properties with at least eight bedrooms and excellent cuisine.

5 Least Expensive Locations for the Average Luxury Airbnb:

RankLocationAverage Cost of Stay per Night
1Belize (San Pedro Town)$983
5St Lucia$2,218

What if Price is No Option?

Head to Europe if you want the best luxury hotels and Airbnbs for your vacation of a lifetime. According to the survey, the most expensive ones are found in France and Italy, costing over $23K per night! While the cost of staying in Antigua and Barbuda varies by destination, on average you’ll find luxurious accommodations for nearly $13K per night.

The most expensive Airbnb in France is Chalet Le Coquelicot, which can be found at Saint-Bon Tarentaise, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France and costs £27.6K per night. The chalet goes one step beyond by providing staff that can drive guests to the nearest wine cellar, ski lift and theatre.

5 Most Expensive Locations for the Average Luxury Airbnb:

RankLocationAverage Cost of Stay per Night
1Antigua and Barbuda$12,946